A Ghost of a Story

Very early Monday morning, I turned in my first draft of my adventure for White Wolf‘s Ghost Stories, an anthology of adventures for the new World of Darkness core rules due out this August. Developer Ken Cliffe got his notes back to me the same day, so I’m now working on the second draft, which I hope to complete tomorrow.

The name of my adventure is “Holy Ghost.” It has to do with a dead preacher come back to haunt his old neighborhood.

It strikes me that the last thing I wrote for White Wolf, about 10 years back, was a short story that featured a priest turned vampire. It was called “Reconciliation,” I think, and it appeared in City of Darkness: Unseen. It seems that either I have something against men of the cloth or the issues of death and resurrection snarl in my head with Christianity. No matter what, I blame my 11 years of Catholic school.