Back from Origins

I had a great time at Origins. All of my seminars went well. The attendees asked sharp questions, and my fellow panelists were a joy to work with. I spent a lot of time in the Green Ronin booth, showing people how to play Dracula’s Revenge, the new board game I developed for Human Head Studios.

At the Origins Awards ceremony last Friday night, I got a few thrills. First, I was asked to present the miniatures awards, so I got to be on stage in my tux and hand out some trophies to the some deserving souls.

Second, the Redhurst Academy of Magic picked up both awards for which it had been nominated: Best Roleplaying Game Supplement and Best Graphic Design of a Book. I didn’t win for the Best Game-Related Short Fiction, but my friend and fellow Alliterate Stephen D. Sullivan did.

On Saturday night, I attended the first ever Hall of Fame banquet. I got to dine with Hall-of-Famers Sandy Petersen, Greg Stafford, and Lou Zocchi, along with Steve Kenson, Robin Laws, and Tim Gerritsen. I even got to shake hands with Charles Roberts, who designed Tactics, the first modern wargame. You couldn’t ask for much more from a night.