Origins Begins

Next week, I’m off to the Origins Game Expo. I’ll be running demos of Dracula’s Revenge at the Green Ronin booth. I’m also helping out with some seminars:

6/24, 10 AM: Freelancing for Beginners.
6/24, 1 PM: Game-Related Fiction.
6/24, 2 PM: Intermediate Level Freelancing.
6/25, 10 AM: Freelance Writing for d20.
6/25, 3 PM: Origin of a Game.
6/27, 2 PM: Freelancing for Beginners.

Because of the show, I won’t have time to post an update next week. The week after that, though, I’ll report on what happened at Origins. Three of my projects are up for Origins AwardsRedhurst for Best RPG Supplement and Best Graphic Design, and “The Price of Freedom” for Best Short Story—so hopefully it’ll be happy news.