Eberron Novel Rolling Along

I’m pounding away at the first in my trilogy of novels for the spanking-new Eberron setting for Dungeons & Dragons, from Wizards of the Coast. It won’t see stores until early 2005, but it’s due Any Day Now. I’m trying to finish it before I head out for the BookExpo America show on June 5.

While there, I’ll be in the Wizards of the Coast booth, signing advance reading copy of Secret of the Spiritkeeper, the first in the Knights of the Silver Dragon series. It turns out that Wizards only has enough early copies of the book for a single signing. If you want a copy (and can get into the show—it’s for the trade only), stop by the booth from 1–3 PM on Friday, June 4. I’m going home for my babies’ second birthday on June 5, but I’ll be back on the floor June 6, wandering around and looking at all the new books, if nothing else.

I need to concentrate on this project hard to complete it on time. Because of that, I’m going to skip the update next week. I hope to have all sorts of great things to report from the BEA after that.