Games Quarterly Magazine on the Horizon

On Friday, I got another surprise in the mail: the first issue of Games Quarterly Magazine. This is a brand-new general games magazine from Matthews-Simmons Marketing, the same people who bring you the game-industry bible Games Quarterly Catalog. I wrote an article about Fluxx (a real game designer’s card game) in it, which is why the printer drop-shipped me a few advance copies. The issue should be in stores by the end of the month or so.

This is 84 pages of gaming goodness. Peter Adkison (formerly of Wizards and now of Gen Con) writes about historical trends in gaming. James Ernest (of Cheapass Games) “discovers” a “Strategy Article by an Idiot.” Ken Hite expounds on the joys of terror in Call of Cthulhu. Mike Selinker (formerly of Wizards and Avalon Hill ponders “tinker-proof” games. Marcelo Figueroa (formerly of AEG and now with ACD) discusses Hollywood and games. Will Niebling (of Mayfair Games) exposes the Settlers phenomenon. John Kovalic contributes a new Dork Tower cartoon. And that’s only about the half of it. At only $3.95, this is a steal.