Eberron Rocks

I’ve been typing my fingers raw over the past few weeks as I pound away at the first of my Eberron novel, which is due any day now. I’ve committed to having it done by June 3, which is right before the Book Expo and, coincidentally, the second birthday of four of my kids. Mark Sehestedt, my editor at Wizards of Coast, has been feeding me a steady diet of Eberron material over the past few months, and a couple weeks ago, I got a real treat in the mail: an advance photocopy of the Eberron Campaign Setting , all laid out with artwork and everything.

I’ve read several drafts before this, starting back when it was only a dozen pages or so. It’s been amazing to see this grow and mature into such a great setting. There’s plenty of material to sink your teeth into here. As I read through it, I keep coming up with more ideas for other novels than the ones I’m writing. It’s distracting and exciting at the same time. This is a beautiful book, and I can’t wait until it’s in stores next month so I can talk more freely about it.