Dracula’s Revenge Prototype Spotted

At Human Head Studios, we got a prototype of the Dracula’s Revenge game, in last week. The first thing we noticed is that the cardstock we chose for the boards was too thin. It started to curl soon after we got it out of the box. We thought this was unusual, since we went with a thicker stock than you see in many games like this, but it’s apparently because the thicker stock comes in two layers. The bottom layer expands more than the top, and the piece curls.

We immediately decided to upgrade out stock to the thickness of a puzzle piece. Now the boards should lay flat for sure. We should have a new prototype in next week to show us for sure. This means that the game is going to be a bit later than expected but only by a week or so. We should have a limited number to sell at Origins, but if you want a copy there, be sure to get in line early. They’ll go fast.