Free Redhurst Player’s Edition

Human Head Studios, Inc., and Green Ronin Publishing have released a free PDF version of Human Head’s critically acclaimed Redhurst Academy of Magic. This “Player’s Edition” of the full-color, hardcover original is available now in the downloads section of the newly redesigned website of Human Head’s adventure game division (click here).

The Redhurst Player’s Edition is a player-friendly version of the original book. All of the game system information has been stripped out, along with the notes from the spy who has infiltrated the school. Don’t worry, DMs! You can give this book to your players without worrying about them stumbling across a secret you’d rather reveal in play.

We present this book as a thank-you present to those of you who purchased the original book, as well as a showpiece for those who haven’t yet. If you’d like a copy of the original, complete with all game information and secrets you need, you can find it at better game retailers everywhere or order it direct from Green Ronin’s webstore.