Knightly Week

Wizards of the Coast is preparing some great promotions for the Knights of the Silver Dragon series, of which Secret of the Spiritkeeper is the premiere book. One of the things they’re planning is a fan club for the line, along with a website. This week, I wrote a short pick-a-path story for the website. I’d never worked on one of these before, although I loved the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books as a kid. It was a blast.

I also just finished an article about the series for Dragon Magazine. It should run in the September issue, which releases in late August, in time for Gen Con, I’d hope. Despite freelancing in this industry for over 15 years now, this will be the first time I’ve ever had an article published in Dragon. My first published work ever was in an early issue of Polyhedron, though, which is also published by Paizo. It feels a bit like coming full circle, even more so because the article concerns my first mass-market novel.