FullMoonEnt.com No More

Those of you who have my old business cards or who have been following my career for a while might have stopped by my old website at www.fullmoonent.com. It was my first shot at designing a website for myself, and it was all right for the time. However, I had to update everything by hand, which meant it didn’t happen often.

That’s one of the reasons I decided to launch www.forbeck.com instead, using Movable Type as a content-management system. So far, it’s worked like a dream. In fact, I used Movable Type as the basis of a whole set of websites I designed for Human Head Studios.

Success has its victims, though, and www.fullmoonent.com is now one. Earlier today, I set up a redirect so that anyone who visits the old address is rerouted here. This reminds me that I should update my business cards for this summer too.

For those who are curious, Full Moon Enterprises is the corporate name I work under. A few years back, after I left Pinnacle, I set up this S-corporation for my freelance work. It’s named after a bar I used to spend far too much time in when I was in school at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.