Origins Awards Nominations Round Open

If you’re a member of the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design, it’s finally time to vote in the first round to narrow down the nominees to a slate of contenders for the final awards. With that in mind, allow me to take the opportunity to highlight again two products I was involved with in 2003 that I feel are worthy of your vote (assuming you’re an Academy member and can vote).

First, The Redhurst Academy of Magic, a d20 System RPG supplement from Human Head Studios. This full-color, hardcover book has garnered nothing but rave reviews and is eligible for both Best RPG Supplement and Best Graphic Design of a Book. If you don’t yet have a copy of this book in your library, please stop by and click on the Redhurst logo in the sidebar. We have several free PDFs up there, including a preview of the book.

Second, “The Price of Freedom” is a short story I wrote for the Mage Knight website. It’s eligible for Best Game-Related Fiction, Short Form. If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it for free at: