Dracula’s Revenge #1 Going to Print

I just got a PDF of the lettered pages for the first issue of the Dracula’s Revenge comic book from IDW Publishing. It rocks. It’s amazing to see the whole package come together like this. I’ve been going back and forth with the artist (Szymon Kudranski) and the editor (my old friend Jeff Mariotte) over the artwork, helping hone it until it sings. Then Ben Templesmith gave the book a little love by helping with the color correcting. It looks great.

When the letters hit the pages, though, it all leaps to life. Suddenly, it’s not just a script or a series of panels. It’s a story, a real comic. The book is scheduled to be in stores on April 30, and I can’t wait. If you want a look at the covers for both issues, stop by the IDW Publishing store.