I just had to share this.

Anyone out there into Neopets? Well, my five-year-old son loves it and is always dragging me over to help him read directions and play games on the site. Some of them are pretty good, and we have a blast.

While we were poking around the site the other night, we discovered something hilarious: a game called Whack-a-Staff Member. It’s like Whack-a-Mole, but it’s set in a matrix of office cubicles and you whack the Neopets staff members as they prairie-dog out of random spots.

The best part is my good pal John Wick is on the Neopets staff. When he popped up the first time, I was too shocked to whack him, but I got in a few good lick later on! You have to register with the site to play, but it’s more than worth it.