More GTS Stuff

A couple other things happened at GTS that weren’t meant for the Human Head update, as they involve my freelancing.

Guardians of Order announced that the official release date for The Authority Role-Playing Game is June 14. They had some of the pages printed out to show at their booth, and they looked great. I’m fortunate to have guys like Jesse Scoble and Jeff Mackintosh to make my small contribution to the project look so darn good.

Word is that Guardians would like to do at least one follow-up to the RPG. This would cover the Mark Millar story arcs. Hopefully we’ll hear more about this soon.

As for The Secret of the Spiritkeeper, Wizards announced that , as the first book in the Knights of the Silver Dragon line, the novel will help kick off a brand new young-adult fantasy imprint: Mirrorstone. You can reach the whole press release here.

Some of the juicier bits of the announcement are that the series will have its own website and fan club. Also, people who buy The Secret of the Spiritkeeper will get a coupon they can redeem for a promotional silver dragon miniature. Pretty cool.

Nina Hess, the Mirrorstone editor, asked me to pitch more books in the series, and I leaped at the chance. I haven’t heard back from her about it yet, but cross your fingers for me. I’d love to tell more tales of the Knights of the Silver Dragon.

Wizards also made a big fuss over their new world, Eberron, which is where my next (well, first ever) trilogy of novels is set. I got my hands on one of the movie-style posters they were handing out. Sadly, I seem to have missed out on the cloth map of Eberron that went to retailers too. If anyone has one to spare, let me know. I got the final draft of the campaign setting’s core book in the mail a couple weeks ago, and it rocks.