GTS Seminars

I’m going to the GAMA Trade Show next week primarily to push games for Human Head Studios. However, the fine people at GAMA shanghaied me into helping out with a few seminars too. If you’d like to see me wing my way through a conversation or two, stop in and say hi.

Mike Stackpole and I hope to handle the “Negotiating Contracts for Writers” seminar. Although I’m going to miss the Monday session, I’ll be there Tuesday and Wednesday.

Steve Kenson, Aaron Rosenberg, and I run the “Freelance to Salary and Back” seminar. I should be there for all three sessions, although the Monday one might be missed if my flight is delayed.

Today Anthony Gallela called me to ask if I could step in for a missing host for the “Seven Habits of Effective Freelancers” seminar, and doped up on cold medicine I said yes. I’ll be shaking my head at both sessions.

If you have any interest at all in these, stop by. If no one else shows, we’ll go grab a beer and talk shop instead.