Alphas to Omegas

If you’ve been following along with my Brave New World exposé, you may already have your own guesses as to what the rest of the secrets are. Despite that, I’m going to continue on with my effort to fill in all those missing parts of the puzzle.

Those of you who read Bargainers should realize that the first deltas were people who had the power to mentally contact creatures in other dimensions, rogues similar to those who came to Earth posing as gods. In this case, though, they were called demons.

As more and more Bargainers came into being, they made more deals with these demons. This caused the gradual destruction of the fabric of the universe to accelerate. The more bargains made, the more damage done, and the more Bargainers there were.

Eventually, the fabric frayed so badly that deltas with others sorts of powers started popping up. This caused even more damage to the universe, and faster. It wasn’t long until there was a full-on tear in the fabric. This brought us the first alphas.

Now, if deltas were bad for the stability of the universe, alphas were flat-out rotten. As more and more alphas sprang up, the Brave New World universe eventually caught the eye of the Metaversal Police again. [There has to be a better name for these guys, but I never spent too much time on that. For a while, I called them the omegas, but that wasn’t enough.]

The MPs didn’t want to barge straight into the universe to straighten things up. They knew that their presence would cause more harm than good. Instead, they came up with a plan to get rid of all the alphas.

The MPs built a device that would remove all the alphas at once. They gave this to the Facade, the alpha who was impersonating President Kennedy and ruling the United States under martial law. The Facade arranged for it to fall into the hands of the Devastator, who never really understood what it was he had.

When the Devastator activated the device on that fateful day in 1976, it took everything within its zone of effect (the Chicagoland area) and teleported it out of the Brave New World universe. This immediately strengthened the fabric of the universe enough that the few alphas who weren’t directly affected by the bomb disappeared along with the others.

As to what happened to Chicago and the alphas, I’ll get to that next week.