Human Head and Green Ronin

The big news of the week is a deal that I’ve been working on at my day job with Human Head Studios for the past couple months. In short, Green Roninhas agreed to publish the adventure games that Human Head produces. If you’re interested in the full press release, you can find it here.

This is a great deal for Human Head and for me. Fast Forward had been handling our sales and marketing and our order fulfillment, and it wasn’t working out. We were going to either have to pull all that back in house or find another partner we could really trust to do it right. As the head of the adventure games division at Human Head, I already have a lot on my plate. Although I knew I could handle the extra details, I wasn’t looking forward to it.

Fortunately, Green Ronin was looking for a way to expand its presence in the market without cannibalizing its own sales. I’ve known Chris Pramas and Nicole Lindroos for years. The other partner there, Hal Mangold, worked with me at Pinnacle, and I knew him long before that. These are people you can trust.

Better yet, Green Ronin makes great games. Just look at their stuff. It’s all top shelf, both in terms of game design and graphic design. (“It not only looks great, it plays great too!”) They share Human Head’s ethos regarding games, which makes it a wonderful fit.