More Awards

The awards season seems to have hit the adventure gaming industry full on. As I mentioned earlier, recently opened voting on its Weird GameWyrd Awards. The Redhurst Academy of Magic has been nominated as “The RPG or Supplement Most Likely to Spark the Imagination.”

Also, Pen & Paper just announced that it’s taking votes for its Pen & Paper Awards. Allow me to make some (perhaps not very) humble suggestions:

The Redhurst Academy of Magic is eligible for Best RPG Supplement, Best Cover Art for an RPG Product, Best Interior Art for an RPG Product, Best Graphic Design for an RPG Product, and Best Cartography for an RPG Product. I’m eligible for Best Author, Best Developer, and Best Editor. Shaun Absher and Nichol Norman are eligible for Best Cover Artist. (Vote for them as a unit, as they created the Redhurst cover together.) The Fellowship of the Ring Sourcebook is eligible for Best Adaptation of a Licensed Property. “The Price of Freedom” is eligible for Best RPG-Related Short Fiction. Redhurst is loaded with people who qualify for the Best Interior Artist. Human Head Studios is eligible for Best Publisher.

In all cases, I encourage you to vote your conscience. Still, I hope your conscience bugs you to consider the people and works listed above.